Customized Graduation Leather Keychain

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This personalized graduation keychain is the perfect graduation gift for the class of 2017! It can be personalized with Roman Numeral, name, initilas and/or a significant date, phrase, word, etc. Can be personalized up to three lines of 20 characters per line. Letters, numbers, ALL basic punctuation marks, symbols, logos, or simple drwaing are available.

Made from a beautiful leather, The leather part measures 7.5 cm by 2 cm, with 13.5cm long keyring.

********* Product Features ******
♦ Size: leather part 7.5 x 2 cm, keyring 13.5 cm long
♦ Producing Time: 3-5 days, all the items will be delivered with a gift box.
♦ 100% Handmade

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