Robrasim Handcrafted Leather Business card cases Holder

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This Business card cases Holder with 1 Slot, you can use it to hold few business card or credit cards, some cash or receipts. There's enough space to fit the items you use the most in order to keep your wallet small and convenient.
******** Product Features ********
- Entirely handmade of top distressed cowhide leather.
- Personalized with your initials.
- Available in 3 colors -  Brown, Coffee, Wine
- Size: 10.8cm x 6.5cm / 4.25"inch x2.56" inch
- Beautifully packaged and presented.
It is entirely handmade of top distressed cowhide leather. Distressed leather, or called "crazy horse leather", has a rustic feeling. At the beginning, it is easy to have some scratches on the surface which are easy to get removed by hands. With times and usage, the surface will gradually become a smoothing, shining and gives the wallet a very nice vintage look.
Note: Each cut of leather is organic and unique; coloring may appear slightly different than shown in the images.

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